Laser guided boring Ovens Murray

Laser guided boring Ovens Murray has been nothing short of revolutionary for the pipe and sewer industry. At L&D Micro Tunnelling, it is one of our many specialties.

A cost-effective, versatile, and environmentally low-impact alternative to traditional sewer installation, Laser guided boring Ovens Murray blends accuracy and productivity in a way no other type of sewer service is capable of.

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About Us

L&D Micro Tunnelling has been a leader in Laser guided boring Ovens Murray since 2015. Founded by Luke Lewis and Christopher Dean, longtime friends who have a combined two decades of water and sewer industry experience, L&D Micro Tunnelling has quickly changed the game for Laser guided boring Ovens Murray.

Blending Luke’s plumbing and draining experience with Chris’ specialty as a machinist and fitter, L&D Micro Tunnelling prioritizes precision, affordability, and reliability to companies who can benefit from Laser guided boring Ovens Murray and throughout Australia.

For our trenchless form of boring, we use a vacuum extraction system guided by lasers of the highest accuracy. The result: perfect precision of tunnels even over extremely long distances.

Our Work

Offering both free boring and sleeve boring, L&D Micro Tunnelling addresses everything from sewers underneath major railroads and roadways and those in ground conditions that are self-supporting Laser-guided boring ensures that we provide the most stable, accurate, and reliable system for you and your company.

In just 6 years, L&D Micro Tunnelling has firmly established itself as an industry leader, with 11 kilometres drilled and 50 projects finished since we opened.

While the projects may differ in size and goals, one thing is consistent at L&D Micro Tunnelling: we always get it perfect the first time.







Precision, Precision, Precision

With laser-guided boring Melbourne services, precision is vital and it’s precision that is vital to our work and our reputation. With L&D Micro Tunnelling, engineering of the future is available to you today.

Laser guided boring Ovens Murray

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