At L&D Micro Tunnelling we specialize in high accuracy trenchless laser guided boring. Our TBM uses a vacuum extraction system where all spoil is sucked into interceptor tanks for easy disposal with no mess. All of our heads are hydraulically driven and guided by a high accuracy laser to achieve precision over long distances.

We are equipped when access to drill shaft is limited or when setting up inside a basement.  We have two Tunnel boring machines, one specializes in longer drill shots and in harder ground conditions, the other is a Limited access TBM which is used for shorter drill shots or when the launch shaft and access is tighter than usual. Perfect for city lane ways, branch sewers and under roads.

  • Ground Conditions

    With any micro tunnelling project ground conditions account for almost all the risk involved when taking on a project. Geo technical reports and good job planning are essential for projects to run smoothly.

  • Bore Sizes

    We currently have Drill heads ranging from 380mm to 600mm in diameter.

  • Pipes we install

    • Iplex PVC RESTRAIN (threaded pipe)
    • PVC, electrical conduit
    • Storm pro & Sewer pro
    • HDPE
    • Hobas
    • Steel Casing
    • Clay pipe
  • Lengths

    We can bore up to 120 meters on line and on grade with a +/- 10mm tolerance in most ground conditions.

    Our Limited access machine can drill up to 30 meters in most ground conditions with a +/- 10mm tolerance.

  • Setup

    The larger TBM requires a launch shaft of 4 x 1.6 meters minimum. The limited access TBM only requires a launch shaft of 2.7 x by 1.2 meters minimum.

    Once all equipment arrives on site, setup of TBM takes no more than 3 hours.

  • In house Engineering

    We have a fully fitted out factory which allows us to build, maintain and repair any breakdowns that occur during any project. This allows us to keep the job at hand to be finished on time and on budget at every occasion.

  • Machine Hire

    Go to the contacts pages and call or email for more information.